Then there was 5

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Raising our babies this past year has been an adventure for sure. They all have fun personalities and on certain days more bratty than anything. Watching them figure out how to walk and  drink on their own from a bowl etc. has been a joy to witness. We had a cat and two chihuahuas already and believe it or not they were afraid of these tiny pups. Once their weight and size reached closer to their size it seemed to get better.

They  started to develop their personalities and discover playing and barking-not yelping. They  enjoyed  and outgrew their toys. There were a lot of firsts this past year. First round of shots, first bowl of solid food, first round of baths. We found a home for the male Logan as he went to his grandmothers home. He is in our family so we get to visit him a lot. The dogs enjoy the dog park, naps on the couch and enjoy chewing my husbands socks. We are allowing them to discover themselves as they start to get older.

More to come on their progress soon.