The many dogs who serve in wars.

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I recently read an article about the hundreds of dogs that serve in wars but unfortunately do not always get to retire with their handlers. It made me sad. I couldn’t imagine spending that much time with a four legged companion and then getting separated. Dogs are used more than ever in battle. Due to their amazing sense of smell they help detect bombs before they go off resulting of less casualties. They are truly hero dogs alongside our military heroes.

Unfortunately, once the war is over and troops return home, some of these dogs get adopted out to civilians or sent of to serve in different areas leaving the handler without their buddy. I have four dogs and cherish each and every one of them. I cant imagine also having them by my side 24 hours a day  immensely growing our  bond and then suddenly one day they are gone, with someone else.

Thank you to all of our troops for risking their lives to protect ours. And a thank you to our four legged heroes for working to protect our troops. I hope that more war dogs are reunited with their handlers in the future.