The joys of multiple pets.

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One thing I love about animals is their personalities. They are so unique in many ways. The man of the house is Chewie. He is the only male of our pets. He is the smallest and the craziest. He weighs about 11 pounds but he thinks he’s the biggest of the 4 dogs. Coco is the other Chihuahua (Terrier mix) and she is about 20 pounds. Athena and Xena (pit bulls) are about 55-60 pounds. Chewie is the leader of the pack and he truly is the best guard dog. He is overprotective over all of them unless he is the one beating them up, playfully of course. Although he has to jump up to play fight I truly believe he thinks he’s bigger than all of the other dogs. He’s confident and smart. He enjoys not sharing any of his bones or his food, yet loves to clean Cocos ears. He climbs to the top of the couch when he hears a noise and barks away. He is a mamas boy, when he is not protecting the household he loves to get belly rubs and head massages. He can fit 4 bones in his mouth and run with them if he feels someone may try to take them. Even never seen a dog be so bossy and scrappy yet gentle at the same time. Oh and the underbite is the icing on the cake.