Life With Pets

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Many people ask us how we juggle so many pets. I never realized there was such a thing as too many pets to be honest. I think the best answer for me is I juggle what I can handle and the pets I have are manageable. Does it get crazy at times, yes, does it get loud, yes, does it get a little coo koo, absolutely. At the end of the day my pets are my family and I enjoy all of their company.

My husband and I knew it would be a big commitment when we decided to rescue the pitties. After all we already had 2 chihuahuas and a cat. However they were in a really bad situation and were slowly dying so we took action. They are alive because of this reason and we cherish their crazy personalities. We take turns with different duties for example, bathing them, feeding them, taking to vet appointments etc. When things get stressful we remind ourselves the situation they were in and that we knew there would be moments like this.

Our dogs are going through training at the moment and that is helping tremendously. My recommendation is that if you are considering rescuing animals know that it will not be easy in any way shape or form. Be prepared for it to get tough sometimes more often than not. When you are prepared for the worst at all times, it turns out not to be so bad. The unconditional love we receive in return is priceless.