How Many Pets is Too Many?

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I feel like this is a trick question. If you are an animal lover can there really ever be too many animals? I have always had a love for animals. I’ve always wanted to save all the animals that I can, and bring them home. When I was a little girl I snuck a homeless cat home in my backpack. It hid in my room and went unnoticed fora couple of weeks. Then I thought it was getting sick. There was slimy stuff everywhere. Turns out cat was pregnant and we had kittens being born in my closet. That’s how I got caught =\
Fast forward to adulthood … You realize animals are a lot of work. They are a big responsibility. Regardless, when you see an animal in need you can’t help but want to help. A relatives dog had a littler of dogs and then she died within a few days. I went to visit a week later and instantly fell in love. Upon checking on the babies I found out they were slowly dying, the person taking care of them had a drug habit and was neglecting them. Out of a litter of seven, two dogs died at birth and out of the five only four remained. Three were on the verge of death, severely dehydrated, weak, not eating. That’s when I decided to step in and take them. One was going to be sold to use the money for “the power bill.” So I paid the bill and in exchange I took all four of them home. I didn’t know how my husband would react as we already had two rescue chihuahuas and a rescue cat. Once he saw them he fell in love.
Within twelve hours we lost one due to being severely dehydrated, I made the decision that I would do whatever it took to ensure the other three survived. Was I crazy? I had no idea what to do. We bottle fed them every two hours. We took turns going home at lunch alternating so someone would be there every two hours. Still one wouldn’t eat and was extremely weak. I read that you can give hummingbirds water to balance their glucose levels. I tried that, then they had diarrhea and were back to getting dehydrated. Pedíalyte to the rescue. After a week of trying everything they started to get their energy and were taking their bottles regularly. Success!! Now we were at six pets. Whew. Fast forward to a year later….well, stay  tuned for the next chapter as you can see I have a lot of fur babies to take care of.